Friday, June 24, 2005


The Paradox of Mexican Americans at War

Jorge Mariscal: The Paradox of Mexican Americans at War

Version en espanol:

After this article appeared in the Austin American-Statesman newspaper, I received several messages from Chicano/Mexican American veterans. Here are two examples:

"Today I was lucky enough to have read your article "Does America only need Latinos during wartime". I agree with everything you wrote about Latinos in America. I too have experienced the ugly side of discrimination in Texas. I am 64 years old, so I was a teenager in the 50's. The term "wetback" was widely used during that time. I was refused entry to a river in New Braunfels, Texas because according to the clerk there were people swimming in the river that did not like Mexicans... I enlisted in the US Navy in 1960. I was hoping that things were different now. Your article opened my eyes. You are so right in the things that are going on. I really enjoyed your column. I'll keep my eyes opened for your next article."

"Thank you for your remarkable editorial published in today's Austin American-Statesman. I have many comrades among the Hispanic veterans of Texas. Brave and honorable to a man and woman. Many have led seriously damaged lives because of their service, particularly those who served with us in America's War in Viet Nam. I know they too will applaud your words."

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