Friday, January 28, 2005


Protests Move to Recruitment Offices

Update on actions in Puerto Rico:

Saludos desde Mayaguez Puerto Rico,

Last Wednesday and Thursday (January 26 and 27) there was a very successful anti military recruitment conference here at the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez campus. More than 500 students participated at one point or another.

The anti military movement here in Mayaguez is very ample. It includes both professors and students at the university and town people During the years of the first stage of the Vieques struggle we picketed a small shopping center near the univeristy where all the military recruters have their offices every Friday at noon. For the past year we have picketed the same offices once a month.

Murals were painted both in the University by students and in front of the university by town people condemning military recruitment. Posters have been put up not only in Mayaguez but throughout Puerto Rico which say "US Army : A Useless Way to Die."

Last school year here in Mayaguez, the Army ROTC had a total of 125 students.. This school year it has gone down to 75. Air Force ROTC had about 75 participants last year this year it has 40.

The conference at the university is serving as the kickoff point a stepped up anti military campaign. We are conscious that Puerto Rican universities serve as one of the greatest sources for Hispanic military officers because of the ROTC programs. Slowly but surely we are using peaceful means to convince students that this is not a good choice.

Mayaguezanos con Vieques

Maria M. Ramirez

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